OPEN MEETING – Should Our Faculty Merge with Arts: Wednesday 9th March 2016

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On the last day of work for Education and Social work staff in 2015, Belinda Hutchinson (the Chancellor) sent an email informing them of a decision to merge Education and Social Work with the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

  • Staff and the Dean have spoken out against the merger and been ignored.
  • Education students, having read the 2015 discussion papers, had already voiced there concerns about the merger in late 2015 by starting a petition. Presenting options ‘I support the merger’ and ‘I oppose the merger’, the petition received over 300 names to provide 100% consensus that Education and Social Work students oppose the faculty merger. The petition was ignored.

Management wants to ‘cut the administrative burden’ which is code for staff cuts. Students have voiced concerns over the possible impacts of the merger on the sense of community and the identity associated with degrees form the faculty of Education and Social Work, no attempts have been made to meet these concerns. The University is trying hard to push these changes through as quickly as possible.

Education and Social Work students are invited to plan discuss our response to the merger at 2pm in Education Rm 459. Students have made University management listen before, we have save jobs and we have stopped mergers, we can do it again! Join our Facebook event for all the latest details.

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