Faculty Merger Protest: Wednesday 16th March 2016

Feb 29, 2016 | News, Past Events

Faculty Merger Protest!

Over summer University Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson confirmed plans to restructure Sydney University. The restructure will further undermine quality education and entrench a corporate model of education. The changes include:
o Merging the 10 faculties and 6 schools into 6 faculties and 3 schools
o The implementation of four year liberal arts undergraduate degrees
o Slashing the number of undergraduate degrees on offer from 122 to 20
o Layoffs of administration staff

This faculty merger will further undermine quality education and entrench a corporate model for learning, leaving many concerns for all students from the Education and Social Work Faculty:
1) Our independent faculty provides a distinctive student culture and community that would be lost in the broader FASS grouping.
The proposed generalist model for undergraduate courses degrades, undermines and weakens our professional identities as educators and social workers. It would also force students to complete a general undergraduate Arts degree and then do a 2yr Masters course to become a teacher/social worker. This 2yr course is extremely expensive and determined by the university (Changes TBC).
The suggested merger does not allow for the same quality of education that is currently being offered, coupled from the loss of staff and specialisation.
We believe that our faculty’s long-standing history, top scoring international results, ground-breaking specialised research, and distinctive student culture underscores our reasoning to remain a faculty in our own right. So please voice your opinions online and share the news with your friends! To help stop this we need some immediate action.

Defend quality education and fight management’s restructure to merge our Faculty into Arts!

Where:    Fisher Library, University of Sydney

When:      Wednesday 16th March at 1pm

Who:         All students and staff

Cost:          FREE

Cost:          No to degree cuts! No to staff cuts! No to faculty merger! AND NO TO CHANGING THE DEGREE STRUCTURES!


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