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Drylight is the Society’s annual academic and creative journal showcasing work from students in the School of Education and Social Work. We are pleased to announce that we will be working on an upcoming publication and launch of Drylight 2017!

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What It's All About

Drylight 2017

An annual publication for all students and staff at Sydney University’s Education & Social Work Faculty

RELEASED: Monday 14th September, 2017

Limited time only:
$10 for 2017 Drylight AND 2015/2016 Editions
$6 (Access) // $8 (Non-Access) for the hard copy, distributed and sold from the EDSOC Office

AUDIENCE: For all students and faculty members, prominently postgraduate’s as they have their yearbook featured.

AIM: Increase communication between students across all programs and also staff within the Faculty. A formal platform for both staff and students to share their message from the year’s work, and raise awareness of important issues. Whilst also increasing the social presence of EDSOC and the Faculty as a leading body in teacher education.

WRITERS: Teachers and students from the Education and Social Work School with a range of different perspectives.

In 2008, EDSOC revived the annual publication Drylight that had previously been published between 1935 and 1975. Since 2008, this publication has won the University of Sydney Union’s best society publication award in 2009, 2010 and 2012. This year, EDSOC are again publishing Drylight, which collects and publishes student and academic works. Some key facts:

  • Approximately an 85-page publication.
  • Potential readership of 5000 current undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Faculty of Education and Social Work and over 300 staff. Electronic versions will also be available to countless alumni once hard copies are sold out.
  • Content of the journal will include research, opinion pieces and creative works by students and staff.

Drylight is the exemplification of our aim as a Society; to enrich the student experience by creating and fostering a collegial, intellectual and social community of teachers and social workers. It is through student and staff support that the Society may continue to provide such initiatives.

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