Cardie Crawl Semester 2 2016

The second semester instalment of EDSOCs pub crawl is here! And I reckon by Week 4 we are going to need a drink… Our crawl in first semester of 2016 had the biggest attendance from the past 3 years! Sem 2s Cardie Crawl follows the same route and is already looking to bring in even more students! #takeoverWebsters

7:30pm – WEBSTERS (Formally Zanzibar)

Kicking off at 6pm for the first round of free drinks/nibbles at our beloved Courty (The Courthouse for y’all non-locals). So make sure you’re at the Courty to get into the broke uni student spirit. Next venue is the stunning rooftop, or middle floor (depending on weather) of Websters at 7:30pm. Get your cocktails on and fancy drinks under the stars. Then at 9pm, we get the party going with some dancing and shots at the Newtown Hotel, before rounding out the night with terrifying Karaoke and lots more dancing at Tokyo Sing Song.

Due to the success of last semesters crawl, we are spending more money on our bar tab so come and join us with your cardie to celebrate the new year.

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