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Current Executive 2016

Bhavani Balasubramanian

President – president@edsoc.org.au

Hi, my name is Bhavani and I’m a second year Secondary Education student (History & English). I have a deep passion for history AND education, I believe education and social work are agencies of powerful change. If I’m not contemplating life over tea, I’m probably making us friendship bracelets because YOU are awesome! Come say hi if you see me, and hope to make EDSOC proud in 2017 and beyond!

Kasumi Higewake

Vice President (Internal) – vp.internal@edsoc.org.au

Hi I’m Kasumi. I’m a second year social work student and really passionate about advocating human rights in a macro and political scale. I love being challenged and problem solving, but actually really dumb in terms of intellect and history. Apart from what I study I really love dancing, surfing and partying. I am part of the USyd’s MADSOC production this year, my weekends often consist trips to the beach (eating smashed avo and poached eggs) and known to be the party planner for every occasion (I can list you a free entry club for every day of the week!)

Stop by the office if you want a chat about social work studies, uni life or just want to go for drinks with me and meet new people!


Veronica Lay

Vice President (External) – vp.external@edsoc.org.au


Angelica Owczarek

Treasurer – treasurer@edsoc.org.au

Hi, I’m Angelica, and I’m a second year Social Work student. I am passionate about making a constructive impact for people, and I aim to do so through my time with EDSOC. Being creative and organised makes the world go around for me, so I am happy to deal with any monetary affairs. If you see me around, come say hi!

Meredith Apps

Secretary – secretary@edsoc.org.au

My name is Meredith and I am a fourth year Secondary Education student (majoring in Modern History and English). I love be involved on campus, from being the EDSOC secretary, playing quidditch for the Sydney Uni Unspeakables and am the 2016 President of the Education and Social Work Revue, working hard to get this years production up and running.

Ella Porteous

Event Director – events@edsoc.org.au

Hi! Im Ella and I’m a second year social work student. I am passionate about social justice particularly in the area of child protection and I love being involved in uni life! Im really excited to be planning some great events this year for our society. When I’m not at the library Im hitting up trendy cafes and bars with mates or volunteering for Delta dogs Australia with my puppy Zoe. If you see me on campus come and say hi – I’m really nice!


Mahek Rawal

Event Director – events@edsoc.org.au

Hey guys! I’m currently in my first year of Uni and majoring in Financial Maths ( Heavy!) Basically, you’ll spot me alot around uni probs eating because food is life but do feel free to drop by and chat! I look forward to being your events director this year and making this year super memorable for each of you.


Fundraising & Sponsorship Director – sponsorship@edsoc.org.au



Marketing Director – marketing@edsoc.org.au

Raashna Kumar

Publications Director – publications@edsoc.org.au

Hey there, I’m Raashna, a second year Secondary Education and third year Arts student, majoring in Ancient History (the best branch) and English. I believe teaching should be about creating a valuable and meaningful learning experience, and as a teacher I hope to do just that. As EDSOC’s Publications Director, I’m all about making sure you have a voice, so please feel free to contact me with any enquires or ideas you have and I’ll be happy to help!


Natalie Femia

Student Welfare Director – student.welfare@edsoc.org.au

Hi! I’m Natalie and I’m a third year Social Work student. My love for cats and Harry Potter is unparalleled. You’ll probably see me in cat shirts, skirts, and socks around campus. I’m happy to call myself a Social Justice Warrior and am looking forward to my first Social Work field placement! Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns!




Information Technology Officer – it.officer@edsoc.org.au




Bea Wardaugh

First Year Liaison – first.year@edsoc.org.au

Howdy! My name is Bea and I’m a second year usyd student, in my first year of a Bachelor of Arts and Social Work. I’m super passionate about sex education and mental health support for youth and I have an unhealthy obsession with astrology. I’m always down for a good ol’ chinwag so please come say hi to me! Especially if you have time for a coffee or a gin and tonic!




Emma Gavaghan

Women’s Officer – womens.officer@edsoc.org.au

Hey I’m Emma Gavaghan and I am the Women’s Officer for 2016! I am a third year Primary Education student and a proud member of the EDSOC community. I love a good chinwag and I am always keen to meet a new face so if you see me around campus please introduce yourself! In other news, I am also the Interfaculty Sport Representative for Education & Social Work, which is a social sport competition held each Wednesday between the Faculties. If you are keen, check out the Sports Tab above or swing me a message. Looking forward to a great year with you all!


Queer Officer – queer.officer@edsoc.org.au


Gloria Le

General Executive – TBC

Hi there! My name is Gloria and I’m a second year Primary Education student. If I’m not spending hours on the net on food blogs, I’ll be arting on my drawing tablet all day. Either way, I’m passionate about making a difference with educating young minds, and giving you guys the best experience you have with this society! See you around!





Katrina Vlasic

Hey, I’m Katrina 🙂 I’m in my second year studying combined education and arts, majoring in ancient history. I love soccer and Harry Potter ((and pizza)). I’m eager to see what EDSOC brings to 2017! Come say hey if you see me on campus!


Sanju Vairav

General Executive – TBC

Hey! I’m Sanju, a first year BA/BEd student majoring in Ancient History and Geography. In my spare time, you’ll probably find me Netflix and chilling, on the PS or at an EdSoc event! If you see me around please say hello! I can’t wait to make this the best year yet for EdSoc 🙂

Tamsin Delaney

General Executive – TBC

Hi I’m Tamsin and I am a first year Secondary Ed student focusing on ancient history and english. If I’m not at a tute or in a lecture you’ll most likely find me dancing and rehearsing for MADSOC’s annual production (hey look a shameless plug), or with my head in a book, because I read too much to be considered ‘normal’. I also like drinking. And when I say ‘like’ I really mean if there’s alcohol at an event I will say yes to going without knowing if I’m free or not. And if you ever need to win me over, buy me a tequila shot and I am at your beck and call. But seriously, if you see me around campus, come have a chat. I may look intimidating due to my terrible resting bitch face but I promise I’m actually really nice.

Thomas Fraser

General Executive – TBC

Hey, Thomas here, Thomas Fraser. I’m a first year student studying to be a Secondary teacher majoring in Ancient History and Geography. If I’m not busy in lectures and tutes I’ll probably be in the library trying to study, but in reality scrolling endlessly through Facebook. When there is an EDSOC or any event I will most likely be there downing drinks and socialising. If you ever see me on campus just give me a hola and tell me about yourself (especially if you have a dog).

Stan Cheung

General Executive – TBC

Hi there! My name is Stan, I’m in my first year studying economics and mathematics. I am interested in both the education of economics and the economics of education, and hope to engage with these areas in the future. Other than that, I also enjoy cycling, bushwalking and good music and literature. Look forward to meet and work with you soon!

Anh Ly

General Executive – TBC

Hi there, I’m Anh – a first year student in BEd/BArts (my subject areas are English & TESOL). I’ve always wanted to become a teacher since year 8 because I really want to make a positive difference to other people’s lives, especially young people. I believe that education is more than the depositing of information; it should enable everyone to reach their full potential and be the change agents of their lives and the world! Being a general executive of EDSOC is an opportunity for me to get more involved and make the most out of my university life. I’m a huge dog person 😀 In my spare time, you would see me playing and cuddling with my 1-year-old Golden Retriever (the cutest!). Come and say hi to us, the EDSOC!

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