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Current Executive 2016

India Evans

President – president@edsoc.org.au

Hi, my name is India, I’m a third year Primary Education student. You’ll probably see me stomping round campus with my boots and a beanie. If I’m not running in between classes at uni, I’m heading out to the beach. I’m a Newtown local and I enjoy discovering new places to eat, drink and dance. Come say hi!

Jodie Hartman

Vice President (Internal) – vp.internal@edsoc.org.au

My name is Jodie Hartman and I am in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary). This year I am a student rep on several education committees within our Faculty. If you have any problems in which you feel you need representation, please feel free to email me.

Alexandra Tweedie

Vice President (External) – vp.external@edsoc.org.au

Hi! I’m Alexandra and I’m in my fourth year of Secondary Education in History and English. I’m passionate about critical pedagogy and intersectional feminism and about helping YOU have the best time you can in our faculty! Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns and I’ll see you soon at one of our events 🙂

Jed Swift

Treasurer – treasurer@edsoc.org.au

Hi, I’m Jed, a third year Primary Education student. I particularly enjoy maths education and am looking to specialise in that area. I also love dancing, binge watching TV shows and seeking out free food and bake sales on campus.

Meredith Apps

Secretary – secretary@edsoc.org.au

My name is Meredith and I am a fourth year Secondary Education student (majoring in Modern History and English). I love be involved on campus, from being the EDSOC secretary, playing quidditch for the Sydney Uni Unspeakables and am the 2016 President of the Education and Social Work Revue, working hard to get this years production up and running.

Annie Cao

Event Director – events@edsoc.org.au

Hey party people, Annie here. I’m currently a second year studying B. Ed (Maths)/B. Science. I enjoy playing sports, mainly because I have amazing triceps and I look like I would be good at it but to be honest, I’m awful at most sports. I really believe in the importance of providing a good education to all students and I look forward to graduating and being able to do that. I’m super duper excited about what EDSOC has aimed to do this year. We’ve got some huge events planned, so watch this space!

Helen Lin

Event Director – events@edsoc.org.au

Hi I’m Helen, doing first year Secondary education. If I’m not baking or eating, I’m most probably bingeing on TV/film/superheroes. I’m passionate about providing equal opportunities for everyone in education and I’m excited to see what uni has to offer!


Fundraising & Sponsorship Director – sponsorship@edsoc.org.au


Dennison Cao

Marketing Director – marketing@edsoc.org.au

Hey, I’m Dennison and I’m doing my first year of Secondary Education majoring in Chemistry and Math. I decided to do this because it’s what I’m passionate about and it also just feels right. My favourite hobbies include stargazing and playing sport.

Gen D’Netto

Publications Director – publications@edsoc.org.au

Hi there, my name’s Genevieve and I’m a second year secondary education student majoring in English and history. I chose this degree because not only am I passionate about English and history, but I’m also passionate about education and the power it has to change lives! I enjoy anything music or food-related, and I love getting lost in a good book. I’m super excited to be involved with EDSOC this year as Publications Director!


Veronica Lay

Student Welfare Director – student.welfare@edsoc.org.au

Hey there, I’m Veronica and I’m a first year student undertaking Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education: Humanities and Social Sciences) and Bachelor of Arts. In pursuing this, I strive to major in History and English which has consistently remained my favourite subjects. Through studying this course, I hope to bring my ecstatic personality and expertise to the classroom and nonetheless inspire my students and mould their young, impressionable minds. I look forward to working with EDSOC and developing valuable qualities through my role as the Student Welfare Director for 2016.



Adrienne Tamplin

Information Technology Officer – it.officer@edsoc.org.au

Heya! My name is Adi, I am in my third year of my Bachelor of Primary Education studies. I am also the IT brains and tech guru for the EDSOC community. Hit me up with any IT questions and I will be happy to help! You can also share your gamer id for pew pew times.





Rhyanna Brown

Sports Director – sports.director@edsoc.org.au

Hey, my name is Rhyanna and i’m currently completing my third year in primary education. I enjoy playing all different types of sport but my favourite is soccer. Would love to go overseas and watch a Champions League game. In my spare time I like to take my dog to the beach and eat food.

Anastasia Baldwin

Undergraduate Officer – undergrad.officer@edsoc.org.au

Hi I’m Anastasia and I like to party. I also like studying First Year Primary Education WoOp. You’ll usually catch me arting it up; making sculptures that represent the degradation of our underwater environment. If I’m not making strange little underwater creatures, I’m usually eating… or out and about making the most of our beautiful environment. I’m so excited to be apart of EDSOC this year, so come say hey or shoot me an email!



Sneha Singh

Postgraduate Officer – postgrad.officer@edsoc.org.au

Hi, I’m Sneha, an MTeach secondary student specialising in English and History. I’m looking forward to helping other post-grad students so if you see me around campus, come have a chat with me! In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing volleyball, and watching comedies and British murder mysteries.

Bhavani Balasubramanian

First Year Liaison – first.year@edsoc.org.au

Hi! I’m Bhavani, a first year Education/Arts student! If I’m not obsessing over milo or how rhinos are unicorns, I’m usually asleep awks. But seriously, I’m a lover of rainbows and education, as well as being seriously weird. Feel free to talk to me, but I probs would’ve already made us matching friendship bracelets by then




Emma Gavaghan

Women’s Officer – womens.officer@edsoc.org.au

Hey I’m Emma Gavaghan and I am the Women’s Officer for 2016! I am a third year Primary Education student and a proud member of the EDSOC community. I love a good chinwag and I am always keen to meet a new face so if you see me around campus please introduce yourself! In other news, I am also the Interfaculty Sport Representative for Education & Social Work, which is a social sport competition held each Wednesday between the Faculties. If you are keen, check out the Sports Tab above or swing me a message. Looking forward to a great year with you all!

Cara-Lee Weaver

Queer Officer – queer.officer@edsoc.org.au

Hi, I’m Cara-lee Weaver and I’m the Queer Officer for 2016. I’m in my first year of the Masters of Primary degree. I’m a gay lady and as much as I’d love to consider myself the font of gay wisdom I am only one part of the queer rainbow. My aim is to raise awareness of queer issues within the Faculty in the spirit of inclusiveness. I also think that teachers and social workers can have an immense effect in young queer children’s lives. When I’m not studying I love trying to bend my very inflexible body into various yoga positions or dragging it up a rock face. I also have obsessions with tea and literature. If you see me around come and say hi!

Laura Alkemade

General Executive – TBC






Stanley Ching

General Executive – TBC

Hello, I am Stanley, a 4th year education student. What I lack in self esteem and social skills, I make up for greatly in self deprecating humour and obscure references to popular culture. Just remember you’re special and unique, like everyone else reading this passage; special and unique.


Bri Cormio

General Executive – TBC

Hi, I’m Bri and I am a second year Secondary Education student. I am passionate about literacy and the power of education upon young people. I’m looking forward to being involved in the EDSOC community!

Tamsin Delaney

General Executive – TBC

Hi I’m Tamsin and I am a first year Secondary Ed student focusing on ancient history and english. If I’m not at a tute or in a lecture you’ll most likely find me dancing and rehearsing for MADSOC’s annual production (hey look a shameless plug), or with my head in a book, because I read too much to be considered ‘normal’. I also like drinking. And when I say ‘like’ I really mean if there’s alcohol at an event I will say yes to going without knowing if I’m free or not. And if you ever need to win me over, buy me a tequila shot and I am at your beck and call. But seriously, if you see me around campus, come have a chat. I may look intimidating due to my terrible resting bitch face but I promise I’m actually really nice.

Ryan Epondulan

General Executive – general.exec3@edsoc.org.au

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m a fourth year Secondary Education Student. I am passionate about making a classroom that is welcoming of all cultures and in encouraging students to have a greater appreciation of all students. I look forward to talking and supporting you in your future educational endeavours.

Samarah Fletcher

General Executive – TBC

Hey, I’m Samarah! I’m a second year B. Secondary Education/B. Arts student majoring in performance studies. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, food (especially free food), cider and getting lost in a good book or binge watch. I am super duper excited to be involved with EDSOC this year! If you see me around campus don’t be afraid to come say hi! (Especially if you like HP, then we are instant best friends)

Natalie Hiddlestone

General Executive – TBC

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m a second year social work student. I’m passionate about intersectional feminism, social work and equality. If you see me on campus, please show me a photo of your cute dog/pet.

Keziah Knight

General Executive – TBC

Keziah is a third year social work student. Prior to commencing her studies at USYD she obtained a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, majoring in theatre practice. She aspires to open her own community development theatre company, to work with predominantly disadvantaged and troubled teens.

Duy Nguyen

General Executive – general.exec1@edsoc.org.au

Duy Nguyen is a third-year Primary education student and has been a professional student for the last decade. He has completed a Science degree and has worked in the field for several years. He often speaks about his past experiences of the Australian Military, where he served overseas. He is back at university to pursue a career in Primary Education.

Kelvin Wu

General Executive – TBC

Hi, my name is Kelvin. I’m a fourth year studying B.Ed (English & Commerce). My education consisted of a mix of Australian, Chinese and American curriculums along with the IB Diploma. I am passionate about working to give international students a voice and making sure that the university is inclusive of them. We are different and have unique experiences to share.

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