Sydney University Education and Social Work Society (EDSOC)


Fostering a Community of Teachers & Social Workers since 1907

EDSOC is the Faculty Society for students studying Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney

The Society founding principles are 'to develop a collegial spirit based on sound scholarship, good fellowship, loyalty, and keenness in sport'


We Hear You

We are the voice of students who are studying Education or Social Work at the University of Sydney.

We're Good At What We Do

Established in 1907, EDSOC is one of the oldest student societies at the University of Sydney.

We Do It All

We provide a common meeting ground for everyone in the community to build relationships, socialise and further professional experiences.

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We have a range of events that we put on throughout the School calendar.

Take a look at what we do, and come along to be a part of the community at one of our upcoming events!



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EDSW Prac Office Experience

Online Form To Fill Out EDSOC is collating information about student experiences with the EDSW Prac Office. This is just a general consensus that EDSOC is running in order to give feedback to the Faculty. Your responses will help draft up a letter to EDSW Faculty from...

EDSOC Your Faculty Society

EDSOC 2016 Your Faculty Society   EDSOC Your Faculty Society   First established in 1907, the Education and Social Work Society (EDSOC) is one of the oldest student societies at the University of Sydney. The Education Society was started at the Sydney...

EDSW Faculty Merge

EDSW Faculty Merge & Restructure We want to bring to your attention our concerns with the recent proposal of the Education and Social Work (EDSW) Faculty merging with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS); and also the University’s plans to restructure...